Along the Trail to Thunder Hawk is the true adventure of a young man trying to embrace his duel Lakota (Sioux) and white heritage and find his place in a rapidly changing early 20th Century America.

An enthralling, captivating true story, Along the Trail to Thunder Hawk is the kind of tale that needs to be told: the real-life struggles of a true American family, bridging cultural divides through some of the most colorful times and locations in the nation’s history. Capturing the point-of-view and dialect of Bob with uncanny accuracy as he grows from a boy to a man, this authentic groundbreaking novel puts into focus a nation in transition while demonstrating how the cultural divide at the turn of the past century was really no different than those same cultural and racial issues being struggled with in the

21st century.

Gripping from the prologue to the epilogue, Along the Trail to Thunder Hawk is a must-read for anyone interested in the formation of a nation and the hardships true American families endured to make it happen.


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